On completion of the original FutureFactories project, I looked for a way of expanding the research to consider what would happen if a craftsperson/maker was to use such a system, compared to an industrial designer. The idea was that designers are used to a certain amount of 'distance' between their design solutions and their manufacture, whereas craftspeople, by definition, work far more closely with the finished result of their endeavours. What would happen if a craftsperson worked with a system which removed them from the process of making, but still allowed every object produced to be an individual piece?

Katie Bunnell, leader of Autonomatic, the 3D Digital Production Research Cluster at University College Falmouth, jointly funded the research, and Justin Marshall, a research fellow there, worked on the project over the course of a year. Marshall worked with the computer programmer Ertu Unver to develop his own interpretation of a Post Industrial Manufacturing process. Again, the results were a fascinating series of designed pieces, and again we worked as a team to produce conference papers and articles about the project and its implications.