Selected Conference Papers

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Cigar Box Guitar Forums: Fostering competency, creativity and connectedness in communities of practice and performance.
3rd PLATE Conference, Berlin, Germany, 2019. 


The Role of Design History in the Museology of Computing Technology.
11th ICDHS Conf., Barcelona, Spain, 2018. 

Born in the USA: The geographical, temporal and cultural displacement of the cigar box guitar.
DHS Conf., New York, USA, 2018.

Amateur Design: DIY as Resistance.
DHS Conf., University of Oslo, Norway, 2017.

The Robots are Coming!: Perennial problems with technological progress, 
12th EAD Conference, Rome,  2017

At the Push of a Button: the Utopian futures of computer-aided everyday life.
DHS Conf., San Francisco, USA, 2015

SPACE|TIME|PLACE: Enabling Design Research for HE Staff,11th EAD Conference, Paris, 2015.

Be Innovative: a project delivered with British Council China, GLAD Conf., Sheffield, 2015


Eniac vs Colossus and the display of early computers, DHS Conf., Oxford, 2014

Vapourware and the Agency of Ideas,  
8th ICDHS Conf., São Paulo, 2012

All That Glitters Is Not Gold,

7th ICDHS Conf., Brussels, 2010

Boundaries? What Boundaries?,

8th EAD Conf., Aberdeen, 2009

Vapourware and the problems of museology',
6th ICDHS Conf., Osaka, 2008

Actor Networks & the Development of the Home Computer, ​ DHS Conf., Falmouth, 2008

'Post Industrial Manufacturing Systems:

The Undisciplined Nature of Generative Design, ​

Design Research Society Conference, Sheffield, 2008

Upwardly Mobile: the role of fashion and image in the development of mobile computing,

IFFTI 2008 Conference, Melbourne, 2008

Design Disasters in the History of Computing,
7th EAD Conference, Izmir, Turkey, 2007

The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice and Men: the evolution of the computer mouse, ​DHS Conf, ,Delft, 2006