P. Atkinson, Do It Yourself: Democracy and Design
Special Issue of the Journal of Design History 19(1), 2006.

The theme of this special issue arose from a perceived need to generate a discourse around 'design' as a function of the activity of 'professional' designers and 'Do It Yourself' as its antithesis - a more democratic design process of self-driven, self-directed amateur design and production activity carried out more closely to the end user of the goods created.

Home is Where the Art is: Women, Handicrafts & Home Improvements 1750 - 1900
Use Your Hands for Happiness
Do-It-Yourself Security
Labour as Leisure - The Mirror Dinghy and DIY Sailors
Scissors and Glue: Punk Fanzines and the Creation of a DIY Aesthetic

The Special Issue is available from here.

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Do It Yourself: Democracy and Design