FutureFactories started as a Designer in Residence programme I ran while at the University of Huddersfield. Designer Lionel T. Dean was engaged for a year to work on a research project looking at the potential of rapid prototyping techniques to produced finished goods.

With an embryonic idea of using some kind of computer system which could vary the design of a product slightly so that no two would be the same, Dean worked with computer programmer Ertu Unver to produce a piece of software that would allow consumers to watch products mutating randomly on screen, freeze the design at any given moment, and have that particular design produced by direct digital manufacture. The result was a series of designs, each of which could be realised an infinite number of ways.

As a team, we produced a series of conference papers on the subject, some of which can be found in this website and downloaded.

For more information on Dean's designs, visit futurefactories.com