Hairy Guys in Sheds

P. ​​Atkinson (2018) Hairy Guys in Sheds:
The Rough and Ready World  of DIY Cigar Box Guitar Makers.
Design and Culture
, 10 (2): 139-168,

The cigar box guitar has a long history in the USA, where it formed part of the culture of traditional blues music. Despite the growth in popularity of the blues outside of the USA, the penchant for DIY construction of cigar box guitars did not travel with it. Using a series of semi-structured in-depth interviews, this article explores the relatively recent appearance of the instrument and the culture surrounding it in the UK as a particular form of DIY activity that combines individual production with collective performance, which despite its increasing popularity, remains focused around a small number of sources.

The full article can be downloaded from Taylor & Francis

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