P. Atkinson, Amplified: A Design History of the Electric Guitar,    

London: Reaktion, 2021. 

288 pp 130 illustrations, 100 in colour

ISBN 978 1 78914 274 7


The electric guitar is a unique thing: at once ubiquitous and quotidian, and yet extraordinary and distinctive. Its sound is heard every day by millions of people in many different forms of music, consumed unconsciously by many, very consciously by some. Electric guitars can be evocative items. Particular models arouse childhood memories of longing, or devotion to favourite players. Their sounds take us back to the times we were first moved by their emotive resonance.

This book takes the designed form of the guitar as its central focus, exploring a number of themes that arise from considering the appearance of the guitar as a vital component of the object’s history. Guitar will celebrate the object itself.

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